1. What languages do you translate?

Afrikaans · Albanian · Arabic · Armenian · Belarusian · Bengali · Bosnian
· Bulgarian · Burmese · Chinese Simplified · Chinese Traditional · Croatian ·
Czech · Danish · Dutch · Flemish · English · Estonian · Farsi · Finnish ·
French (France) · French Canadian · Georgian · German · Greek · Haitian Creole
· Hebrew · Hindi · Hungarian · Icelandic · Indonesian · Italian ·Japanese ·
Javanese · Kazakh · Khmer · Korean · Kurdish · Latin · Latvian · Lithuanian ·
Macedonian · Malay · Norwegian · Polish · Portuguese Brazil · Portuguese
Portugal · Punjabi · Romanian · Russian ·Serbian · Slovak · Slovenian · Somali
· Spanish (Latin America) · Spanish (Spain) · Swahili · Swedish · Tagalog ·
Thai · Turkish · Ukrainian · Urdu · Vietnamese

2. How do I get a free estimate?

a. Use our Online Request Form CLICK HERE
b. Scan and email to quote@midwesttranslation.com
c. Watch your email for an estimate. We’ll contact you as soon possible.

3. I don’t have access to Scan/Email or fax, do you have a local office
where i can drop off my documents?

We are an online ordering service that can provide translation services
to many locations via our website. We translate to and from 40 different
langauges, so our professional and certified translators are not in a single
location. If you need a local drop off and pick up service, you may want to
check your local yellow pages to see if there is a translation service with a
physical location in your area.

 4. How much will it cost? (Please don’t beat around the bush)

We hate to beat around the bush, but the truth is, translation fees are
calculated per word. The per word is established based on the language, word
count, level of difficulty, and formatting requirements. So without knowing the
language, word count and subject matter it is very difficult to give an accurate
idea of cost. Some languages have more available translators than others. Some
highly technical subjects require translators that are specialists. For this
reason it is necessary for us to review your document to count the number of
words, review the formatting needs, and have our team confirm any technical

 5. Why don’t you have flat clear rates? Other online services do!

Good observation. We have given serious thought to trying to establish
flat rates. We all like transparent billing. We understand, but please
consider the following: The websites you see online setting flat rates regardless of language and subject matter may be doing a few key things to set flat rates.

1)They set flat rates of pay for translators regardless of language and
specialty, and in some cases well below the average pay for experienced
professional translators. Doing this may save some customers money, but may not give
them access to the best translators available. In other words, by offering low
flat rates to professional translators, they are limited to the talent they attract and retain.

2)They use automated online ordering platforms instead of using project
coordinators to personally review your project before the order and to help
from start to finish.

3)They do not notarize or mail out hard copies originals, which is
required by some organizations.

In recruiting professional translators, the reality is rates have to
vary depending on the language and level of difficulty. Example: There are many
excellent and qualified Spanish translators, so rates are naturally lower. More
unique languages like Finnish, for example, may have less professional translators available so
the cost can be considerably more than Spanish translators.

Bottome line: Those low flat rate services are good choice for small
non critical projects like correspondence or emails, or other materials that
will not be published. However, if you need a polished professional translation
for an official purposes or for a business project that will be published, make
sure you work with a service that has experienced native professional
translators on their team.

 5. How do I pay?

Certified/Notarized Translations: You can pay with creidt or debit card

Large Business Projects: email us if you need an alternate payment

6. How will I receive my translation?

Certified & Notarized translations are delivered by both Email and
Hard copies via US postal mail.

Business Translations are delivered via email.

 7. How soon will I get my translation?

Certified & Notarized Translation: 1-4 pages are completed in 48
hours and then mailed First Class Mail. If you need faster service, we can
order expedited mailing. Please let us know how fast you need the translation
when you send your free quote request.

Business Translation: Most professional translation teams can translate
1500-2000 words per day.

 9. How is the translation process organized?

1. Project Manger Reviews and selects experienced translation team
2. Professional Translator translates your document
3. Translation is proofread for errors and omissions
4. Project Coordinator Reviews your translation then delivers
5. You receive the translation

10. What if I have a question or concern about my translation? Do you
have a guarantee?

We guarantee our translation against unintentional errors and
omissions. We offer a 30 day review period for all our translations. If a
question or concern arises with your translation, please let us know and we’ll
be glad to review the translation and make any needed updates free of charge.
Please note our guarantee covers errors and omissions, not matters of style and
personal word choice.

11.  Please Explain your Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our 30 day guarantee ensures our translation work will be accurate and
complete, free of errors and omissions.
So if you find an unintentional  error or omission, please feel free to contact
us so you can have our team update your translation file at no additional cost.

 12. Does it matter what country the translator is from?

It is important that you let us know if the translation you need is for
a single country or if it is for an international audience. This allows us to
make the best selection of translators for your project. Please keep in mind
some languages are spoken in several countries and the written style and
vocabulary (word choice) can vary. Examples: Spanish, Portuguese, French, and
English can have significant variations style and word choice country to

 13. My in-house reviewer from “Spain” says there is something
“wrong” with the translation.

Please verify if there are true errors and omission or just a matter of
style. If your staff identifies errors and or omissions, please let us know
right away and we’ll correct and update your file free of charge ASAP.

To avoid these issues with style and vocabulary choice, make sure you
specify what country or target reader your translation is intended for, and let
your project coordinator know that right away. This will allow the coordinator
to choose the best possible team to take care of your translation.

 14.  I have more questions and I  really want to talk to someone. How can I reach you?

1. Live Chat: To speak to us live find our live chat module on our site

2. Request Call Back: The best way to speak on the phone is to email a
call back request. Send us your name and phone number via email. Once that gets
to our screen, we’ll call you back!

* Our phone number is an information line for general information, email
to request a call back.