Academic Transcript Translation Service

Academic Transcript Translation Service
Academic Transcript Translation: Academic transcript translation service: Providing translations of academic transcripts to locations nationwide using our online ordering websites. We provide you with a certified translation of your academic transcripts and include certificates of accuracy. Our certificate of accuracy is notarized and is accepted by most academic institutions and universities*.

Are your academic transcript certified translations accepted everywhere?

*Acceptance Notice: We offer a 100% acceptance guarantee for USCIS Immigration and US Federal Govt. Authorities. State and local government agencies, academic institutions and other private organizations may have lists of services from which you must choose. We recommend that customers confirm that they are free to choose any US based certified translation service prior to ordering.

Why do I need a certified translation of my transcripts?

The organization requiring your translation needs to confirm that your document was prepared by a qualified translator in the given language combination. They also need to know that the translation is both accurate and complete. When a translation is accompanied by a signed statement by the translator or translation company, confirming this, it can be accepted by the organization as a “certified translation”.

How soon will I receive the certified translation of my transcripts?

Standard and rush services are available. As soon as we receive payment for your transcript translation, our team begins to work on your documents. Once they have finished, we send you a PDF version to review ahead of time. The length of time it takes to reach this point depends on the number of words and formatting. For example, a one-page letter would take far less time than a one hundred and seventy-page technical manual with tables and drawings. For short projects, of 1-4 pages (up to 1,000 words), we can typically offer PDF Delivery within 24-48 hours. Contact us now and we will be happy to give you a free no-obligation quote complete with an estimated delivery time after seeing your transcripts.

How much will a certified translation of my transcripts cost?

Translation costs depend on several factors. First, translation rates are based on the word count of your transcripts. Second, the per word rate is established based on the language, level of difficulty, and formatting requirements. If the document is old, handwritten or is not very legible, this affects the per word rate as well. Third, some languages have more available translators than others. Fourth, highly technical subjects require translators that are specialists. For this reason it is necessary for us to review your transcripts to count the number of words, review the formatting needs, and have our team confirm any technical vocabulary.

For what cities do you offer certified translation of transcripts?

We are an online service. Using our online ordering service, we can provide you with certified translations by email and by postal mail to locations nationwide.

How to Order

1. Submit Document
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4. Receive Translation

Translation Process

1. Document Review
2. Translation Team Selection
3. Translation, Proofreading, Editing
4. Delivery to Customer

Quick Facts

1. No Originals Needed
2. Fast Service
3. Certification Available
4. We Deliver PDF & Originals